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Coloring Broadway is overflowing with original, creative classroom activities that blend the benefits of coloring with mindfulness. Contact us today to discuss licensing our pages for your classroom.

Coloring + Mindfulness

Studies show that a mindfulness-based social and emotional learning curriculum is beneficial to students. 

Improves Fine Motor Skills and dexterity

Coloring improves hand strength, dexterity, and attention, and can help in the development of the muscles in the hands and wrist.

Helps Manage Stress

Quieting the mind with guided mindfulness activities helps calm those who struggle with negative emotions, self-acceptance, stress, and anxiety.

Reinforces Educational Material

Research has consistently shown that color increases memory retention better than verbal or textual cues alone.

Manages Emotional Reactive behaviors

Stanford University conducted a study showing that after 8 weeks of mindfulness training, the fourth through sixth graders in the study had documented decreases in anxiety and improvements in attention.

Develops Attentional Control

Teaching mindfulness brings children back into the present moment so they can learn. 

Assists with language development

Coloring can help with language development. Talking to students about colors and descriptive adjectives promotes language and communication skills.

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