we believe that musicals are magic

Our core Beliefs

We believe theater lifts us up, through story, song, and dance.

Shows connect us by sharing the stories of our human experience.

Theater helps us see and feel things from different perspectives.

Lyrics give voice to feelings and emotions we don’t know how to express.

Coloring blends Everything We Believe About theater with the power of mindfulness

By engaging the brain’s creative, logical and kinesthetic parts, coloring is easy access to focus and FLOW (that elusive state where you are so absorbed by what you’re doing that you forget time).  It creates quietness and relaxation while stimulating brain function, motor skills, the senses and creativity.

Meet Our Chief Coloring Officer

Andrea Koehler

Andrea is known by many names – That Coloring Lady, the Asker of Hard Questions, the Singer of Show Tunes – but, by far, her favorite is the Creator of Transformational Spaces.

She is on a mission to create a world where everyone knows how powerful they are and, to that end, she lives to create spaces for self-awareness and transformation.

As the founder of The Coloring Project and Coloring Broadway, she opens the backdoor to self-discovery using coloring as a tool for mindfulness, helping people quiet their inner critic so that they can access their inner “artist”, and sharing show tunes as a way express our emotions when words fail.

As a leadership coach and trainer, she will be kind and understanding, she will listen and reflect, AND she will ask you those “pointy” questions that make you want to flip her off but also make you think, ponder and step into your own power.

She’s hilarious and witty – at least in her own head – and when not coloring, you can find her at the theater watching a musical or on the Salsa floor dancing her feet off!

She’s driven by fire and passion and, “there’s a million things *she* hasn’t done … Just you wait.” She WILL break into show tunes without warning – so consider yourself warned.